WELLNESS With Zip Active

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Wellness with Zip Active has been developed using the evidence based 5 Ways To Wellbeing; BE ACTIVE, TAKE NOTICE, CONNECT, LEARN and GIVE, providing teachers and practitioners with new creative ideas, activities and resources all in one place to support children aged 3-7 years to feel happy, and healthy. The resource supports many aspects of EYFS and Key Stage 1 National Curriculum.

WELLNESS with Zip Active has been specifically designed to enhance the happy times, support the bumpy times and for all the times in between and is great for transition into and out of settings and classes too.

Use in pairs groups, whole class, intervention work or as class challenges and more.

What is included?

Inside the WELLNESS resource you will find:

  • A WELLNESS with Zip Active Guide - step-by-step support to make the most of the magical resources, providing ideas of how and when to use the activities in your setting.
  • The Tree of Wellness Poster – A child friendly A1 poster designed to promote the 5 Ways To Wellbeing along with opportunities to celebrate and recognise participation in the wellbeing activities.
  • BE ACTIVE resources – Zip Action Rhyme pack – Familiar rhymes with action ideas to develop gross and fine motor skills and fundamental movement skills. Rhymes serve an important learning function, teaching pattern, pulse and structure and helping children to bond and express emotion, giving them pleasure and encouraging imagination. These rhymes provide a unique opportunity to integrate wellbeing question prompts into the rhyme themes. These questions will help children explore and develop empathy, communication, awareness of self and others.

WELLNESS With Zip Active

  • CONNECT resources – Zip Chatterboxes – Research has found that happy people have stronger social relationships than less happy people. Use the 3 Zip Chatterboxes to discover engaging activities to support children to Connect through sharing; Connect through actions and Connect through discovery. A firm favourite with the children!
  • TAKE NOTICE resources – Zip Senses Cards – 5 cards with clear images for you to display and activities to stimulate learning about the here and now, using the 5 senses creatively. Helping children with their language, vocabulary, conversation skills with over 25 wellbeing TAKE NOTICE activities to engage and enthuse.

WELLNESS With Zip Active

  • LEARN resources – Zip Flips - The 3 Zip Flips have a variety of learning challenge combinations. The Zip Flips provides opportunities to learn and develop fine motor skills, fundamental movement skills and colour recognition and vocabulary. With a blank template for your own creations.
  • GIVE resources – Zip Pegs - Giving time, a smile or a few words to someone else can make a difference to both them and us. The Zip Pegs activity card provides ideas to help children experience looking outwards towards others, building empathy, reliance and kindness. 30 pegs are provided in each resource.

WELLNESS With Zip Active

School Sports Partnerships & School Networks, and individual primary schools

Early Years is a complex stage of life with many changes for children both physically and emotionally as they move from nursery to reception and reception to year 1. Children can find things overwhelming. Managing the move to new routines, new people and new expectations can affect how they feel, how they socialise and how they develop.

Wellness with Zip Active is an ideal wellbeing resource for schools to embed in their day to day activities, blending with current planning and enhancing provision, helping children thrive, develop their self-esteem, their social skills, their physical and emotional health using the 5 Ways To Wellbeing developed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF).

School Sports Partnerships - If you are looking to provide high quality sustainable health and wellbeing outcomes for pupils in your partner schools, please contact me for prices and enquire about discounts for group purchases. I can also provide CPD online or face to face as you choose.

Individual schools please contact Philippa to find out more or to order a pack: py@philippayoulden.co.uk

WELLNESS With Zip Active

MOVE with Zip Active for nurseries, childminders, playgroups, families

If you are looking for a creative, effective resource full of inspiration, requiring little planning but with huge impact on wellbeing, contact me for more information or to order a pack: py@philippayoulden.co.uk. Discounts available for group purchases.

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